Bjarnarhöfn - shark farm & museum

  • Bjarnarhöfn - shark farm & museum
  • Bjarnarhöfn - shark farm & museum

Bjarnarhöfn Museum is located on the northern part of Snæfelssnes peninsula.
The Family in Bjarnarhöfn are well known for the curing of icelandic shark,
which has been a tradition in the family for hundreds of years. The museum
is one of its kind and our biggest pride is the old shark fishing boat among
many other things related to the farms history. You will be taken on a live
storytelling from one of the family members where you hear about the old
days, the shark fishing and learn about how the shark is handled in the
making. During your visit you can taste the shark but be shure to take a
picture for evidence because no one will belive you. A little walk to the
drying house where the shark is hanged to dry is a must for everyone, the
smell...well that is for you to experience.

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