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Go West

is a company providing outdoor experiences and travel opportunities in Iceland. Our favourite place is Breiðafjörður-area in Western Iceland.

Experience Iceland with us in an eco-friendly way and connect with people, nature and culture on the border of the Arctic.

Biking - Hiking - Boating - Glacier tours

Balance is our motto which expresses itself in our efforts to:

  • Organize our tours in close cooperation with those we visit.

  • Travel without compromising nature, local culture, environment or safety.

  • Higlitght local history and cultural heritage.

  • Stimulate a fertille interaction between guests and hosts.

These efforts  includes  eco-tourism, something which really matters to us. "Eco-tourism is enriching nature and cultural experiences, facilitated by responsible tourism businesses to care for their people, the environment and the communities they are part of." A definition from TIES. (The International Eco-tourism Society). 

Life is movement - Let's enjoy it!

About the project Breidafjordur Winterbreak

The Breidafjordur Winter break project was started in spring 2013. The founders were 32 companies around the Breidarfjordur Bay. The companies are from different sections of tourism like accommodation, activity, restaurants and transportation. The idea was to create a platform for visitors of this area where they can get all the informations, which they need to experience wonderful days in this part of Iceland...Read more.


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