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Hótel Egilsen is an intimate 10-bedroom boutique hotel in the heart
of West Iceland’s Stykkishólmur, a small fishing town on the coast
of Breiðafjördur, the bay of a thousand islands. Located in a historical
building from 1867, the hotel prides itself in being a story-hotel—one
that is full of stories collected from guests and friends. The best of these
stories, which create a bond of friendship between the locals, our guests
and us, will be published online and in an annual print publication.
The locals are storytellers willing to share their passion for their
community and they regularly tell stories in the Guest Lounge or out
on the porch. Some of Iceland’s finest artists and designers also help
tell stories with unbridled passion: One of Iceland’s finest artists,
Tolli, made some sketches of the historic islands in Breiðafjörður for
the rooms, local artists Leir 7 made ceramics and the artist group Vík
Prjónsdóttir made custom designed blankets for us, to name but a few.
Thus our small hotel preserves its classic heritage while enhancing it
with the best of modern art and design.
As the historic building was converted into a hotel, the goal was to
create a warm and friendly atmosphere without destroying its historic
roots. The sensible interaction between old and new appears in unique
spaces and brings the almost 150-year-old building to the present.
The Guest Lounge is the heart of the place. It’s where traditional
hospitality meets a healthy kitchen, local literature and plenty of good
times. The hotelier, Gréta Sigurðardóttir, is a veteran hostess. Her bed
& breakfast Bænir og braud is self-proclaimed the best in the world.
Greta’s kitchen serves fresh and healthy meals made from local and
seasonal ingredients. 
The rooms are small but bright and comfortable. They come equipped
with an overhead power-shower, iPad, free Wi-Fi, a small library and
COCO-MAT beds.
Our dwellers are explorers—strangers in a strange land. The hotel is a
place where they feel at home, mingle with locals, swap stories about
life and love and plan new adventures
About the project Breidafjordur Winterbreak

The Breidafjordur Winter break project was started in spring 2013. The founders were 32 companies around the Breidarfjordur Bay. The companies are from different sections of tourism like accommodation, activity, restaurants and transportation. The idea was to create a platform for visitors of this area where they can get all the informations, which they need to experience wonderful days in this part of Iceland...Read more.


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